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Would you like to blog for TIAMSA? Great – we’d love you to do so!

We welcome your contributions on art market related subjects that are

  • of interest to our members and the art market studies community
  • in line with the aims of our association

General Guidelines

  • A blog can voice an opinion, present your scholarly work, a snippet of new research, a review or report of an art fair, conference, exhibition, book, etc.
  • The subject must be related to art market studies. If in doubt, please contact our blog editor Julie Codell, Professor at Arizona State University, on
  • All work will be credited to the author. Please sign with your name and institution (if applicable).
  • Please keep distinctions between facts and opinion clear. If you are voicing your opinion, please argue it well.
  • Clearly mark quotes. Don’t use other people’s work without crediting them. Keep quotations of others short, as you might otherwise infringe on copyright.
  • A blog is a commentary. We cannot accept press releases or blogs that are or appear to be sponsored by a commercial enterprise.
  • We will not accept slander or punches below the belt. Keep your language clean and your intentions honourable.
  • All Blogs are subject to review by the TIAMSA Blog Editor Julie Codell before publication. Authors are special, important and invaluable – but the decision of the Blog Editor is final.


  • If necessary, insert short, verifiable references (literature, URLs, archive, etc.) to support your case. References should be inserted in parentheses.
  • The use of images is welcome. Please send them as separate images in JPEG format (not embedded in your text document). The responsibility to clear images for reproduction rights lies with the author. Keep in mind that copyright usually only expires 70 years after an artist’s / author’s death.
  • Please send at least one lead image to be circulated when we publish the blog; this can be either a photo of yourself or an image that provides a good key to your text.
  • Please also add a short summary (max. 100 words) short biography (max 40 words); this will facilitate readers’ access to your text.
  • Please send your blog in Word Document format to Blogs will be published in html format.
  • Have fun blogging!

Your TIAMSA Team