TIAMSA Group Guidelines

Setting up and running a TIAMSA Sub-Committee

What is a TIAMSA Sub-Committee?

TIAMSA sub-committees will typically consist of a group of TIAMSA members who are either based near each other (regional sub-committee) or who would like to collaborate on a particular subject (thematic sub-committee).

What does a TIAMSA Sub-Committee do?

There are many possible activities that Sub-Committees can engage in:

  • gatherings / seminars to share ideas and information or suggest subcommittees for the TIAMSA conference,
  • organised visits to sites relevant for your approach and / or the study of the art market in general (galleries, archives, libraries, museums, etc.);
  • holding seminars and conferences on art market related subjects;
  • spread the word about TIAMSA and support our networking;
  • blog on our website.

The Board suggests an initial informal meeting of those who are interested to discuss your possible activities, events and options (including presence via Skype, etc.).

Getting in touch

If you plan to set up a Sub-Committee, please write to the TIAMSA Board at office@artmarketstudies.org, stating the purpose and scope of your sub-committee and a brief outline of planned activities.

Rules for running a Sub-Committee

  • We would like to give sub-committees as much freedom as possible. However, all sub-committees’ activities should be in harmony with the interests and aims of TIAMSA in general and with the TIAMSA constitution in particular:

“The International Art Market Studies Association (TIAMSA) is a non-profit scholarly association that supports the study of art markets of all periods and geographic areas. In particular, it provides a platform for networking, organizes conferences, seminars and gatherings, distributes information by website, mailing list or printed matter, and advocates for the academic and general recognition of art market studies.“

  • Once you received approval, we will publish details of your Sub-Committee (head, scope) on our website.
  • Whenever possible we will publish planned activities (by website, blog or member newsletter) so that others can get involved.
  • TIAMSA would like to receive very brief summaries of planned and past activities whenever appropriate.
  • Please submit summaries of past and planned activities at least once a year, one month prior to the AGM so that they can be publicised during the AGM.
  • Sub-Committee events should, as a general rule, be open only to TIAMSA members or those who are seriously interested in becoming one.

Should Sub-Committees have a constitution and keep a members list?

Sub-Committees are subject to the TIAMSA constitution and therefore do not need a separate one. However, the TIAMSA Board suggests that Sub-Committees define their scope in writing and that they keep a list of members. Sub-Committees will be headed typically by one or two chairs. In case of several contenders, chairs must be elected in a fair process by the Sub-Committee’s members.

How will TIAMSA help me in setting up a Sub-Committee?

The TIAMSA Board will be very happy to support your networking and circulate calls for members to join your sub-committee. When appropriate, we will allocate space for sub-committees on our website. Sub-Committees may also advertise their activities at the TIAMSA conference in appropriate form (flyer, poster, etc.). While we are currently unable to provide funds for sub-committees but financial support for special projects may become available in the future.